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Print Selection

Save ink, paper, and time.

Cut out wasted space

If you have ever tried printing a webpage before, you know that just getting the part that you want can be frustrating. The printer just keeps spewing page after page of ads, sidebar menus, and discussion comments.

Print Selection helps you print out exactly what you want without all the frustration. Simply select the content that you want to print from the app that you are working with, such as Safari and let Print Selection send the content to your printer.

Service with a smile

Print Selection is super easy to use. Just select your content, right click, and choose Services > Print Selection.

Print Selection Service

Color or B&W

Did you know that color ink cost more than champagne?

Print Selection offers an easy switch to use grayscale so you can save expensive color ink cartridges for the truly important documents and images.


Simple and intuitive to use, and very useful. These guys have great apps

A very useful tool to save ink, and print only what you need: no ads, no advertising, no useless text or image.

I get frustrated by sites that do not provide print optimized information... definitely a go-to utility for me.

If you use Safari, you MUST get this app

This little app is a life saver. I just wish Apple would build something like this into OS X. Until then this is the way to go.

way, way better than the Mac OS way of doing it which is, of course, not being able to.

Does what it says on the tin and for a reasonable price.

Print Selection

Get Print Selection today

This app will pay for itself!